SPEAKER ANNOUNCED: Toral Shah, Founder, The Urban Kitchen

Toral Shah is a scientist and chef, with a BSc in Cell Biology from UCL and an MSc in Nutritional Medicine from University of Surrey.

Having originally wanted to be an oncologist, she then studied her MSc thesis focussing on the importance of diet and nutrition in the prevention of breast cancer recurrence. Her self-confessed obsession with cancer saw her win a prestigious six-month studentship from the Royal Society researching oncogenes at UCL, and caring for her mum – who was diagnosed with breast cancer – suddenly gave her the hands on experience that she never expected. Nurturing her mum through treatment, Toral encouraged her to eat lots of the food that had been epidemiologically shown to help reduce her risk of recurrence of breast cancer and its metastasis. Food became a huge passion, and Toral studied at Le Cordon Bleu during the evenings and holidays.

However, Toral’s world was turned upside down again when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of just 29. A difficult journey through treatment then saw her come out fighting, completing the London Triathlon Olympic distance for the first time in 2007 in between various surgical treatments including her mastectomy. She is passionate about supporting charities and is an ambassador for Breast Cancer Haven.

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